Siddaramaiah criticises A H Vishwanath for unpopular CM remark

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: May 13, 2019 13:03 IST
Siddaramaiah criticises A H Vishwanath for unpopular CM remark

Ex-chief minister and CLP leader Siddaramaiah have been criticised by the Janata Dal Secular state president A H Vishwanath, on Sunday.
As a response to Vishwanath’s statement that Siddaramaiah is not a popular chief minister, he said, “Who is he and what does he know about me? He is jealous of me”
He expressed that, “I’ve not considered myself as a chief minister of popular choice. It is left for the people to decide. He must understand this first”.
He also responded to Vishwanath’s queries of why reason Siddaramaiah being such a popular chief minister able to get 75 seats in the 2018 Assembly.
He says that “The main reason for this, is the false propaganda spread by the BJP through campaigning. Former union foreign affairs minister S M Krishna too had faced the same situation as me, when he was the chief minister of the state”.
In the meantime, he also said that the general elections results will be declared on May 23 have nothing to do with the state politics and that the state government will function well.