Supreme Court to hear pleas on Triple talaq act, sent notice to Centre

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: August 23, 2019 18:14 IST
Supreme Court to hear pleas on Triple talaq act, sent notice to Centre

The Supreme Court would investigate the current law that would make 'Triple Talaq', a contentious Islamic ritual which allows men to immediately divorce their wives, a punishable offence. The high court sent the administration a notice seek its answer.

Last month in Parliament, the controversial bill to outlaw Triple Talaq is handed. The bill that tried to end Muslim men's tradition of divorcing their spouses immediately by pronouncing "Talaq" three times saw stiff competition in the Lok Sabha but navigated through the upper chamber ruled by government, assisted by a sequence of walkouts and seats in parliament. Upon passing the bill in Rajya Sabha, PM Narendra Modi had posted on twitter that this was a gender equality achievement. The Supreme Court heard three requests calling into question the act's parliamentary validity.
The defendants choose to consider the laws unconstitutional by the tribunal. The high court said that they had a doubt that a religious belief is claimed void and it is still going on, isn't it dowry an offence.
We're going to evaluate this, "the panel informed senior lawyer and Congress leader Salman Khurshid, who appeared for one of the defendants. Mr Khurshid informed the high court that there are many aspects, such as having the practice a criminal offence and a prison term of up to three years that the tribunal had to examine.
The court stated that the Triple Talaq Bill is a move towards securing gender justice and equality and that the ruling sides have been making the problem politically.