Tamil Nadu Dubbing Union Election in Progress

The voting has already begun and is in progress now and Chinmayi is not participating in the election for President post.
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: February 15, 2020 15:55 IST
Tamil Nadu Dubbing Union Election in Progress

Chinmayi has declined a nomination to contest for President post of the Tamilnadu Dubbing union. Last night, she took to her Twitter profile to let out what she has on the mind.

"BJPs Mr. Radha Ravi could go into Dubbing Elections by randomly banning me. He spends lakhs of Dubbing Union funds to spend for a group of 8-10 lawyers to fight me alone. He could have let me contest. But then… he doesn’t have it in him. The Dubbing Union under the leadership of Mr. Radha Ravi makes money that runs into crores. They say they paid for education and medical bills, for weddings and funerals. But produce no bills. Ban people who ask them questions. Last year they seem to have spent 40+ lakhs in excess. However, the rest of the women and men who still wish for the better and IF the elections are conducted in a fair manner tomorrow- this team that’s been struggling for years should win. But it is for the members of the Dubbing Union to decide if Mr. Radha Ravi (and the other motormouths who have run their tongues, to which I have just kept silent )- are the people they want as the face of all dubbing artistes." she tweeted.
The voting has already begun and is in progress now. We have to see who wins the election this time.