Tamil Nadu on Higher Alert: 6 terrorists have entered the state

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: August 23, 2019 18:09 IST
Tamil Nadu on Higher Alert: 6 terrorists have entered the state

After the intelligence claims that six Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) militants have entered the state, Tamil Nadu is on high alert. One of the six is thought to be a citizen of Pakistan and the other are Sri Lankan Tamils. A top officer said that they got the intel and alerted has been issued. Officials requested the public to inform the authorities if they see any suspect any illegal activities. Kerala Police have asked the public to report anything suspicious in their area to 0471 2722500.

Security has been beefed up in Chennai, the state capital, and Coimbatore. Resorts, airfields, railway stations, theatres, shopping centres and religious places are under supervision. Coimbatore has also been attacked in the past by extremist organizations.
A senior police officer from Chennai said that they enhanced safety measures and also carried out vehicle inspections in several locations. Over the past few months, at least 10 people across the country have been detained by the National Investigation Agency (NIA) accused of having connections to prohibited ISIS terrorist organization.
Investigators claim that they were planning to launch state terrorist attacks. Those of detainee’s families decline the connections and stated that they were being targeted. One of those detained after attacks across Coimbatore at seven places was Mohammed Azarudeen, the supposed mastermind of ISIS Tamil Nadu cell, who supposedly had connections to Sri Lanka's Easter suicide assaults.
The agency has obtained the intel about spreading ISIS agenda on social media by the suspects and their associates recruiting young individuals. The police have registered a case on Azarudeen and five other men from Coimbatore, as they planning attacks in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.