Telugu states to turn wheels at centre?

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: April 17, 2019 17:31 IST
Telugu states to turn wheels at centre?

Telugu states to turn wheels at the centre?
In both the Telugu States, polls are over and there is about a month for the results. Now, KCR seems to be the much-relaxed man as he probably won’t have any problems to seize victory again in Lok Sabha Polls after his emphatic triumph in assembly polls. On the other side, every pre-poll survey reported that Jagan will get the major part of the parliamentary seats without ay doubt.
Reportedly, there is a secret alliance between KCR and Jagan Mohan Reddy and analysts say that this is all about whom they would support if they managed to emerge victorious in their respective seats. Now, Pink Panther KCR is now busy making estimates and guestimates about the post-poll scenario at the Centre.
KCR's estimate is that the BJP or even the NDA would not get the needed numbers to form a government on their own. So, they would need the support of other parties, he feels. In such a situation, the ''Padahaaru'' (16 MP seats) of Saaru (KCR) will help form the Sarkar (government) at the Centre, KCR feels. He feels this will make him a king-maker.
Jagan himself won't keep calm on the other side if he gets around 20 MP seats as he already declared that he definitely would support any part that gives special status to Andhra Pradesh. With his ministry in the center, it would be very easy for him to turn the table according to his will. So, there are numerous chances for us to witness the dominance of Telugu Staes at the center.