Thanga Tamilselvan says not planning a return to AIADMK

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: June 27, 2019 16:44 IST
Thanga Tamilselvan says not planning a return to AIADMK

Thanga Tamilselvan says not planning a return to AIADMK
Ex- Andipatti legislator and AMMK propaganda secretary Thanga Tamilslevan was said that he was not planning on a come back to the joining AIADMK party or come back to the DMK. “I now require a respite for having worked intensively over the last two years (for Mr. Dhinakaran)” he said to reporters at Chennai airport.
Mr. Tamilselvan said “As of now, I am not joining any party, be it the DMK or the AIADMK. This would be my position in future too”, he also expressed “he was feeling relieved and happy.”
Blaming the AIADMK chief having taken “wrong decision” on different events, the former Andipatti MLA told Mr. Dhinakaran’s held was unbecoming of a leader. The AMMK chief had diverged from his actual decision to ‘retrieve’ the AIADMK and the “Two Leaves symbol, this was why the cadre of the ruling party and the people did. Not support the AMMK. The results of the Lok Sabha election and the assembly by-polls had shown that not even 1% of the ruling party cadre supported the AMMK, contrary to claims that 90% of the workers were with the breakaway group”, he said.
Recently he had met V.K. Sasikala, AIADMK president and Mr. Dhinakaran’s aunt, he said the last two years or so (since she was imprisoned in Bengaluru), he had approached her only once. Mr. Tamilselvan said Sasikala was firm on getting back the power of the AIADMK and its symbol.
Mr. Jayakumar said that “if and when he takes the first step of announcing his intention to the return, the party leadership will decide whether to take him back or not,” he said.