Their wish to seek help is the first victory of Janasena - Pawan Kalyan

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: January 22, 2019 15:02 IST
Their wish to seek help is the first victory of Janasena - Pawan Kalyan

The Andhra Pradesh politics are turning red hot day by day with the news of Alliances among the chief political parties. There are many more hints and rumors hitting day to day and all the parties are moving ahead boosting up the confidence expressing that they don’t need an alliance.
Coming to the internal politics in AP, already Jagan and KTR's meeting brought up a huge impact on the AP politics and on the other side TDP propelling the Janasena Chief, Pawan Kalyan to join hands with them to face YSRCP. It was also said that YSRCP also tried to shake hands with Pawan Kalyan. Responding on these speculations, Pawan Kalyan said that two prime political parties sending vibes to join hands with Janasena itself is a victory for Janasena. 
Speaking in Chittoor about the formation of Alliances with any other parties, Pawan said that there is no need of any alliance for Janasena to move forward and they will do what they have to on their own. Though KCR doesn’t want to involve in AP politics directly, there will be a measurable impact with his underground tactics and financial support. Pawan Kalyan also recalled that TDP managed to win the 2014 elections only when he supported it back then. Now he meant that with the lack of his support, TDP will get stumbled that is the hint of Victory of Jansena.