There is more to rain in Wagamon than just a spell of showers

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: June 23, 2019 18:23 IST
There is more to rain in Wagamon than just a spell of showers

It is raining at Wagamon. But it is difficult to distinguish it from the mist as the tiny drops slowly descend on the hills.

The fog is spreading but it is hard to say whether it is rain or fog. The sound of the rain pierces the cold air as it gains in momentum and rapidly turns into a shower.
It is in Wagamon where the rain has many variants. From heavy downpour to tiny droplets that could pat and cover you in the wind.
In the morning, students move in groups and disappear into the fog only for the wind to sweep the cover and drench them in the sudden downpour.
The rains vary in Wagamon and local people come to Vazhikadavu-Karyadu to enjoy it. It is the wind that carries the thin drops uphill, says Rajumon P.N., who had spent his school days at Wagamon.
He says no where else rain achieves different rhythms as at Wagamon. Heavy rain accompanied by winds can clear the air in a short time.
Tiny droplets are the characteristic of the rain during rainy season.
“In a crowd, the rain makes you feel alone as you cannot see those close by,” he says.
“Rains in Wagamon rejuvenate my body and mind. Almost every year I spend a few days at Wagamon during the monsoon,” says Sushama Kumari, a librarian who had spent her childhood days here.
A follower of Gandhian philosophy, Belgian monk Francis Acharya had set up an ashram here, which is a place of pilgrimage now.
After travelling widely, he selected Wagamon to set up the ashram, as the misty landscape and the rain attracted him.
Renowned architect Laurie Baker had spent considerable time at Wagamon and he had left his imprint on nature-friendly low-cost constructions here.
The Britishers made Wagamon a place for tea trade in the South and their guests stayed at buildings savouring the beauty of the landscape. The rain and the foggy air were a major attraction for them.
However, it is at Wagamon that tourism activities have made fast changes than anywhere else in the district.
The change to a busy tourism centre is evident now. However, the rains at Wagamon evoke fond memories for many who had spent their childhood here.
Rajumon, who had travelled the world, says unlike the landscape, the rain has not much changed in form at Wagamon.