Transgender persons robbed a pregnant women and her husband in Gurgaon

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: August 17, 2019 17:16 IST
Transgender persons robbed a pregnant women and her husband in Gurgaon

The police said that a group of transgender people robbed a pregnant lady and her husband on Friday. They visited their home in Sector 46 region of Gurgaon on the pretext of blessing them.

The police also said that a case was recorded at the police station in Sector 50 and a new team was established to investigate the incident, police said.
Shahid Ahmed said that under the appropriate parts of the IPC, they had recorded a robbery FIR and inquiry is ongoing. The lady said in the police complaint that three transgender people visited her home and requested cash.
The police said that the lady complaint that she told the transgender people that she was pregnant and that she was not well. So they started making noise. After their shouting, the woman's husband paid Rs 2100 but they was asking for 21 thousand rupees and in the talk. One of them grabbed the wallet from her husband which had Rs 10,000.
The female claimed that she was trying to grab a gold necklace worn by another transgender individual, but she succeeded to save it and triggered an alarm. She also told that the transgender people ran away from the spot in a car, she told the police, fearing they might be captured by local residents.
The woman told that their house is being built but due to the son's school, they were shifted before the work was completed.