TRS Leaders File a Case against AP CM

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: March 08, 2019 20:01 IST
TRS Leaders File a Case against AP CM

Yes on a counter to AP Cheif Minister N Chandra Babu Naidu's comments calling Telangana government and center as "economical terrorists", referring to the IT Grid's Case, the TRS leaders approached the police with a complaint and registered on the AP Cheif Minister for "hurting the sentiments of Telangana people and state". Where the IT Grid's Case and the alleged data theft has become a bone of argument between the two states.
Just yesterday in a meeting, AP Cheif Minister said that the Telangana government and the center are terrorizing companies and people belong to Andhra Pradesh with IT raids and other such blackmail tactics 'like in Bihar' Accusing Telangana Government of imposed false cases on AP government, he also said that the TRS, BJP, YSRCP parties were also trying their best to destabilize AP government.
Responding to this, political observers have pointed out that these allegations and counter-allegations will continue because this is the elections season. However, they pointed out that the TRS leaders also need to be aware that their party Chief and other leaders create a "worse anti-Andhra sentiment during the Telangana elections, by badmouthing Andhra people. They also need to remember that they had gone very personal and did make an effort to sow seeds of bitterness against AP people living in Telangana." So, they need to understand that "using sentiment in this case and making it a Telangana image" issue doesn't work as it is purely a political fight between the two parties, said the political observer.