Two goats arrested for eating saplings in Telangana

Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: September 13, 2019 18:20 IST
Two goats arrested for eating saplings in Telangana

In a strange incident, two goats were taken into custody by the police for grazing on saplings planted by an NGO in Huzurabad town in Karimnagar district of Telangana. The 'accused' goats were found to be repeat offenders and had eaten wild almond saplings planted by the NGO.

According to NGO ‘Save the Trees’, the goats had been repeatedly destroying the wild almond saplings planted under the Huzurabad municipality. The NGO had planted around 980 wild almond saplings at several public offices and hospitals. However, the goats turned out to be a menace and ate away at least 250 of them.
The NGO had complained about the goat menace to the police several times. However, on Tuesday, they caught the ‘accused’ red-handed, and handed them over to police. They were freed after the owner, Dornakonda Rajaiah, a resident of Kummariwada, paid ₹1,000 fine.