US Lawmaker: Imran Khan's rhetoric ridiculous as Jammu & Kashmir is India's internal issue

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: August 29, 2019 17:08 IST
US Lawmaker: Imran Khan's rhetoric ridiculous as Jammu & Kashmir is India's internal issue

Indian-American lawmaker Ro Khanna, who later joined the Pakistani Congressional Caucus, claiming that Kashmir is an inner problem for India, said Pakistani PM Imran Khan needed to cool his angry speeches.

Kashmir is an internal issue of India's democracy, and Pakistan's PM Imran Khan wants to refresh his hot speeches and not escalate into war or conflict, "Congressman Khanna informed Indian-American community members during a recent meeting in Freemont, California.
Mr Khanna said Imran Khan's speech of conflict with India is totally ridiculous Mr Khanna. Mr Khanna is two-term Democratic Congressman serving Silicon Valley in the U.S. House of Representatives.
During the communication, Jammu and Kashmir residents in the U.S. significantly valued his assistance in the democratic resolution and the upliftment of people from deprivation and violence.
Furthermore, Congresswoman Ilhan Abdullahi Omar voiced her worries about suspected violations of human rights in the Kashmir Valley in a tweet previously this week. She advised that interaction, respect for human rights, democratic principles, and liberty of religion and de-escalation be restored immediately.
A bipartisan Congressional Research Service (CRS) study ready for U.S. lawmakers said Pakistan's army controlled the Imran Khan government just as much as the past administrations. Pakistani military remains the leading force over Pakistan's overseas and security protocols during Imran Khan's reign as PM.
The study said before gaining his present office, Khan had no governance knowledge, and experts claim that Pakistan's safety services influenced national politics during elections with a motivation to remove Nawaz Sharif.