Vaiko says he had ‘fruitful’ interaction with ‘warm’ PM Modi

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: July 23, 2019 17:56 IST
Vaiko says he had ‘fruitful’ interaction with ‘warm’ PM Modi

Vaiko says he had ‘fruitful’ interaction with ‘warm’ PM Modi
MDMK leader and Rajya Sabha member said 'a fruitful and warm interaction' with PM on the Parliament office. 'Even after my bitterest criticism of Narendra Modiji and his government, he extended warmth. I am really happy,' he said in the meeting.
Vaiko said “Modi told me I was an emotional man and that he didn’t mistake me. He said I was committed to my principles,” he said. He expressed the three issues to Modi of the Land Acquisition Bill, “detrimental to the welfare of farmers and promoted the interest of corporates,” and also “in a fake encounter” in AP. He said “The Eelam issue too figured in our conversation, my visit to Jaffna and Mahindra Rajapakse (former Sri Lanka President). We discussed other related matters too which I don’t wish to talk here. But I am happy,” Vaiko said.
Vaiko stated “Modi said, ‘we can’t tolerate it. They should be punished.’ These were his words when I Brought up the issue of killings of Tamils in Andhra Pradesh (in connection with red sanders smuggling). Whosoever linked to the murder, however, ‘big’ they are, they should be punished, he said.”
MDMK leader said “He totally concurred with me that the Centre should take necessary actions.” he said “I had told him then that farmers in our state need to be protected. I reminded him of the long-held promise of inter-linking of rivers. He agreed with me it was a pending project that needed to be looked into.”
Vaiko said “I told him I come as a farmer to fight for their rights and that the Land Acquisition Bill went against the interest of farmers. The Congress mooted the idea, why are you bearing its burden, I asked him”.