Vijay Mallya slams Modi government

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: March 31, 2019 10:31 IST
Vijay Mallya slams Modi government

Vijay Mallya on Sunday slammed the BJP Government for saying he ran away from the country.
In a tweet, Vijay Mallya said that "I humbly submit that my assertion that I am a poster boy is fully vindicated by the PM’s own statement about me (by name)that his Govt has recovered more than what I allegedly owe the Banks. Fact that I have been a UK resident since 1992 ignored. Suits the BJP to say I ran away."
Vijay Mallya also initially tweeted that "Saw PM Modi’s interview in which he takes my name and says that even though I owe Rs 9000 crores to Banks, his Govt has attached my assets worth Rs 14,000 crores. So the highest authority has confirmed full recovery. Why do BJP spokesmen continue their rhetoric?"
Vijay Mallya has currently appealed against his extradition to India.