We have the power to stop the ‘fan’: Pawan Kalyan

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: March 26, 2019 20:05 IST
We have the power to stop the ‘fan’: Pawan Kalyan

We have the power to stop the ‘fan’: Pawan Kalyan in Nellore roadshow
Pawan Kalyan has once again made it evident that his past in the films is influencing his election campaigning which is receiving an overwhelming response from the crowd at every public meeting and road show.
He is not simply called the ‘Power Star’ and on all counts is giving charismatic appearance with power packed punch lines targeting YSRCP and TDP. As a part his election campaign, Pawan toured Nellore on Tuesday in which he pumped up the fans and followers with interesting comments on YSR Congress. “We have the power to stop the ‘fan’. We have the power that can unplug their candidates who are into betting mafia. I would suggest they play cards at clubs and politics would be such a waste of time for them,” said Pawan Kalyan. 
These punchlines from the Jana Sena chief has given some joyous moments for the crowd who broke into cheers. "All these YSRC candidates have earlier claimed that they are my fans and has tried to enter my party which has no place for fraudulent and they don’t have rights claim them as my fans,” he added. No matter how harsh Pawan comments, they are leaving no scope for the other parties to respond.