What’s next with social media teams of political parties in AP?

Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: April 19, 2019 17:25 IST
What’s next with social media teams of political parties in AP?

What’s next with social media teams of political parties in AP?
With the advent of social media, political parties have banked a lot of their money and time in campaigning on various social media platforms. From the past 5-6 years, the parties were seen deploying a separate wing dedicated for handling the pages on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
However, the social media teams recruited are taken on a temporary basis until the elections phase. And now, a huge discussion is going on everywhere about what might have possibly happened to those social media teams of parties like TDP, YSR Congress and Janasena.
Ruling Telugu Desam Party has hired a Gujarat based IT company for handling the official pages of the Chief Minister and the government of Andhra Pradesh. This team under Real Time Governance has recruited SEO specialists who will manage Facebook accounts and YouTube channels. They were recruited on contact base and to the information received the association ends with the election season.
YSRCP who took the maximum advantage of social media has taken the help of a big social media company based from Hyderabad which is apparently owned by the chief’s cousin. Vijaysai Reddy took the responsibility of coordinating with the company which made sure that content from the Jagan’s Padha Yatra is extensively circulated through various official handles and fan pages. Abuzz is that all the employees in this team are opted out without any considerations.
On the other hand, Pawan’s social media team name as ‘Sethagni’, run by a company owned by producer Ram Talluri has set ripples at a point of time has played a vital role in elevating the budding party. And we hear that employees will be now diverted to other projects of the producer.