Why TV Channels not showing Telangana News ?

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: July 06, 2019 12:44 IST
Why TV Channels not showing Telangana News ?

Did you notice that no channel is speaking of Telangana from past few weeks? There have been no debates on governance in Telangana as of now. All the TV channels are only talking about Andhra's governance and issues in it. Many might feel that this is the impact of partisan attitude among channels entrepreneurs who mostly belong to Andhra Pradesh. 
According to the sources, KCR hard strictly warned his party members not to attend any TV debates. By these strict instructions even strongest of the panelists also are feeling shy to attend TV debates. This decision of KCR seems to be one of his well thought out strategies. As the is no opposition leftover in Telangana to oppose TRS, there is no voice against KCR. The only way voice can rise against it is by the TV channels. 
However, they are not by the headlines in it. Only the TV debates aired on the channels are getting a bit or more negative publicity to KCR and his party. For this KCR is said to have ordered that no spokesperson must attend such debates which might lead to negative publicity. With no spokesperson, there is no news about Telangana on any channel.