Will Nara Lokesh contest in 2019 elections?

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: February 06, 2019 18:26 IST
Will Nara Lokesh contest in 2019 elections?

In 2014, Nara Lokesh made his way into the state cabinet via Legislative council. TDP politburo members proposed Lokesh name to elect him as an MLC under the party’s quota. This time too due to the fast-political developments and the rough weather in TDP party facing in Andhra Pradesh gave enough hints that IT minister Nara Lokesh is unlikely to contest assembly elections this time also.
Lokesh got strong criticism from all quarters as he elected as MLC under party’s quota in 2014. The opposition is slamming Lokesh for not contesting the election. Even people like KTR and Akhilesh Yadav fought elections. This message is clear from Chandrababu that he is not confident about Nara Lokesh winning the public Mandate. For the Ministerial post too, Chandrababu took a shortcut and gave IT Ministerial Post to Nara Lokesh who has no capability to fight in election process.
TDP leaders said that chances of contesting elections by Lokesh are bleak. Chandrababu is yet to identify a suitable Assembly constituency to ensure the victory of his son. Chandrababu should take a bold risk and by doing this there are chances to stop criticism against Nara Lokesh and can create a positive impression in voters. Will Nara Lokesh contest elections this Time? Will see.