Yet another Survey predicts YSRCP victory in AP!

Written By Xappie Desk | Updated: February 07, 2019 19:00 IST
Yet another Survey predicts YSRCP victory in AP!

While Naidu is planning his tactics for the upcoming elections using all his experience hurriedly on the other side Jagan is dealing with much patience and taking his time. Even it seems confused as Naidu in power need not hurry and Jagan has to deal with his arms quickly to create a major impact among people, the contrary is being happened. The only reason for this situation is a Six letter word - S U R V E Y.
Survey after surveys is showing an edge to YS Jagan’s YSRC party in Andhra Pradesh. After India Today and Times Now, another survey predicts that YSRC will be romping to the power while ruling TDP will be seeing humiliating defeat. Now, VDP associated who predicted the polls of GHMC, Karnataka, and Tamilnadu to perfection now came up with a pre-poll survey in Andhra Pradesh.
Making true, the speculation that YSRCP is going to clean-sweep the LokSabha seats this survey showed its prominence along with representing a significant vote share for Jagan’s party than TDP. They predicted that Pawan Kalyan will grab nearly 6 % vote share but it will not get any Loksabha seats. The entry of Janasena and the splitting of Kapu community votes would favour YSRCP to grab power henceforth as they say.
Andhra Pradesh Vote Share Prediction
YSRCP - 45.0%
TDP - 37.20%
BJP - 7.13%
Jana Sena - 5.90%
Congress - 2.20%
CPM - 0.24%
CPI - 0.20%
Others - 2.13%
Andhra Pradesh Loksabha Seat Share Prediction.
Jana Sena - 0 
Naidu has been baffled with these back to back surveys and interestingly, this survey predicted that TDP will settle with 30 seats while YSRC will grab more than 130 seats. So can we see Jagan emerge as a winner by dethroning Naidu?