YSRCP accuses ruling party of phone calls being tapped

Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: February 21, 2019 06:08 IST
YSRCP accuses ruling party of phone calls being tapped

YSRCP party members have approached the Delhi High Court on Tuesday accusing that their phone calls are being tapped by the ruling party. The officials stated that the ruling party is doing this in order to breach their political secrecy in Andhra Pradesh on purpose.
They have appealed to the court to take necessary actions in punishing the culprits under suitable provisions of law for fraudulently tapping their phone calls. The officials also claimed that a request was already made in December 2018, but the ministry hasn’t responded to the plea made.
As per the request received Justice Najmi Waziri asked both the Central and Andhra Pradesh governments to immediately react on the allegations made by MP YV Subba Reddy and YSRCP’s officials.
As per the norms, the Department of Telecommunications which is under the control of the Union Government will have the authority and should give permission to tap any phone calls. But YSRCP accuses that ruling party is using local power to get their phones tapped.