Big Boss Telugu S03 E28 : Siva Jyothi blames herself for Rohini’s elimination

Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: August 19, 2019 11:43 IST
Big Boss Telugu S03 E28 : Siva Jyothi blames herself for Rohini’s elimination

Big Boss Telugu S03 E28: Siva Jyothi blames herself for Rohini’s elimination

In the world’s most viewed reality show, Big boss Telugu, Big Boss always strives to create a drama in the house with the tasks and most importantly during the nomination process. But this week, he used up the elimination day to set up things nicely for next week’s masala.
On the other side, Siva Jyothi broke into tears at Rohini’s elimination. Rohini wasn’t nominated by the housemates directly. At the nomination period, she was discussing something about nomination which is a punishable offence in the Big Boss house. So, Big Boss directly nominated Rohini for elimination which eventually led her out of the house.
Now, coming to yesterday’s episode Nagarjuna continued yesterday’s task but only for contestants who were in danger zone. Categorizing the housemates to prosecutors and judges other than nominated contestants who were termed as criminals, he asked the prosecutors to detail the judge why the particular criminal shouldn’t be in the house for the rest of the season.
Here comes the master plan of the big boss. One contestant will get eliminated and the remaining nominated persons will have the grudge on the prosecutors and other housemates who defended him. Thereby Big Boss extracts the emotions out of the contestants. Actually, there is no absolute need to appoint prosecutors for detailing the eligibility of the nominated housemate to remain in the house. Now, you will understand why this is the most popular reality show on earth.