Bigg Boss Telugu S03 E101: Finalists celebrate Diwali in a great style

All the contestants celebrated Diwali with Suma in the Bigg Boss house today.
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: October 31, 2019 11:28 IST
Bigg Boss Telugu S03 E101: Finalists celebrate Diwali in a great style

There is no need to say that the anchor Suma’s entry brought more colour to the Bigg Boss house in this festive season. Yesterday’s episode started with Varun Sandesh, who is the winner of yesterday's lip-reading challenge task had a chance to talk to his fans. One fan asked him why his energy levels dropped after Vithika’s episode for which the 'Happy Days' hero replied that he felt more attacked to her these 90 days than ever.

Later, Bigg Boss made the other housemates read tweets about them. Every contestant got both the messages from both fans as well as anti-fans, and they took all the comments positively. Later, Bigg Boss asked all the contestants, including Suma, to come into the garden area and celebrate Diwali with crackers.
As Big Boss played several energetic songs, all the contestants, including Suma, happily danced and fired some crackers. Especially, Rahul and Sreemukhi danced together, which grabbed the attention. Bigg Boss asked Suma to leave the house, but the housemates dragged her inside and asked her to stay.
After that Tarot card reader entered the Bigg Boss house. Each and every contestant showed interest in knowing about the future not only in Bigg Boss but also in their lives. Later, in the night, Rahul Sipligunj is seen singing a high pitched Hindi song but Big Boss warned him about the language. Then Rahul sang a song describing his situation that his stomach is aching and needs a tablet immediately that arose laugher among the other contestants.