Bigg Boss Telugu S03 E17: Ali looses composure and Vithika fake tears

Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: August 08, 2019 13:35 IST
Bigg Boss Telugu S03 E17: Ali looses composure and Vithika fake tears

Bigg Boss Telugu S03 E17: Ali loses composure and Vithika fake tears
In the Villagers and thieves task, many intriguing scenes were happened yesterday, even though they are intriguing, unfortunately, some blokes shed fake tears for unnecessary attention. Vithika’s crocodile tears were exposed as Big Boss has aired the scenes precisely exposing Vithka’s cunning tears.
As the part of their plan, thieves Sreemukhi, Ravi and Ashu wanted to break the glass box and steal jewellery from it. For that, Sree Mukhi insisted Ravi break the glass using dumbell. But Ravi broke the glass using his hand showing his heroics which went wrong as he got injured. Vithika doesn’t even care about him at the very moment but told Varun to take care of money first when she was informed that Ravi was injured.
Later, she came out into the hall, held her head, started crying and blasting Sreemukhi for making Ravi break the glass. Rohini came in support of Sree Mukhi and Vithika blasted her too asking not to create a scene out of it who she was already doing by faking tears.
On the other side, Ali overpowered Himaja who tried to duck to drink water without paying for it. In that process, Ali Reza tried to pluck out a note from Himaja's pant pocket and Himaja hit him in the face with legs. The situation turned to code red then as Himaja accused Ali of unnecessarily held his hand in her pockets which she cannot accept as a girl.
Actually, hasn't deeply inserted his hand into Himaja's pocket, but only plucked a note from the outside. When she tendered an apology, Ali said that he too needs an apology for hitting his face with her legs and Tamanna stood for Himaja pinpointing Ali’s arrogant behaviour.
Ali hasn’t cared anything and kept shouting the scene, Himaja tried to fall on his feet to say sorry before bursting down emotionally. Then she slapped herself for supporting Ali in the King-crown task which happened previously. Clearly, she was overreacted and tried to frame herself as a victim which was backfired.
Vithika and Himaja have to know that not only Bigg Boss, but also audience are watching them and surely, this is not the way to play the game if they want to survive in the house much longer.