Bigg Boss Telugu S03 E47: Gap between Varun and Vithika widens

Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: September 06, 2019 12:16 IST
Bigg Boss Telugu S03 E47: Gap between Varun and Vithika widens

The first-ever couple in the history of Bigg Boss Telugu brought a lot of attention to the show initially and with time they prove how good they are as an entertainment to the audience. Their romance, emotions, and spats are working very good in favor of the makers and from the last episode, there has been a heated argument between these two.

While Varun is cool as usual, Vithika being known for making chameleon-like arguments alleged Varun that she is getting angry on him regularly. When Varun Sandesh tried to say to Vithika that she's trying to look everything from a magnifying glass and dealing everyone in the wrong way, Vithika snapped at him saying 'Don't assassinate my character here. I'll be what I am and I will continue to be like this'.
This led to a lot of discussion between these but Vithika didn’t stop crying while Varun continues his explanation. She even told that he changed too much after they entered the house and pointed out that his friends are a lot for him than their relationship. Varun being irked with her responses said that she will get nominated for next week for her bad behavior. Then Vithika said, "Let it be. I'm more than happy to get into nominations. You're thinking that you could stand up on your feet and play the game, so let me go out of the house".
When their argument is turning too serious, Baba Bhaskar interfered and said that Vithika should learn to cool down for 5 minutes and also told Varun not to instigate his wife.