Bigg Boss Telugu S03 E81: Varun Sandesh and Siva Jyothi elected as Stars in the house

Bigg Boss Telugu S03 E81: Yesterday's episode in the Bigg Boss house was all about Dussehra celebrations, fun and entertainment.
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: October 10, 2019 16:03 IST
Bigg Boss Telugu S03 E81: Varun Sandesh and Siva Jyothi elected as Stars in the house

In Yesterday’s episode, the Dussehra celebrations continued with a lot of fun and entertainment. Akkineni Nagarjuna made Bigg Boss housemates play games. As part of this, Ali did make-up to Mahesh Vitta with eyes closed. Varun Sandesh ate certain things blindfolded such as ice creams, fruit with the help of Sreemukhi who was at his back.

Baba collected coins from the Flour bowl with his mouth. Vithika Sheru did a fun task with Balloons. Sivajyothi is also given something to eat. Rahul Sipligunj sang a song in Kilkili language. Sreemukhi did a Belly dance. Mahesh slapped cake to Sivajyothi.
Bigg Boss later asked Nagarjuna to the confession room and gave a letter to him, asking him to pass it on to the housemates. According to the letter, the housemates have to suggest a person as the star in the house.
Ali chose Sivajyothi as Star. Sivajyothi chose Ali as Star. Baba chose Sreemukhi as Star. Mahesh chose Sivajyothi as Star. Sreemukhi chose Baba as Star. Rahul chose Varun as Star. Vithika chose Varun as Star. Varun chose Vithika as Star. Since Varun and Sivajyothi got more Stars, they won a special gift, which is a special dinner for both, for the entire week. The housemates shared some successful moments of their life.
Siva Jyothi said that living on her own is her success. Rahul said that his biggest success is his independent music albums. Mahesh said that recognition from people is his success. Sreemukhi said that receiving love from Television viewers is her success.
Baba said that his success is taking the Filmfare award along with his father. Ali told her wife is his success. Vithika said that getting married to Varun and coming a long way is her success.