Bigg Boss Telugu S03 E94: Rahul Sipligunj gets ticket to finale and Ali detained

Rahul Sipligunj became the first contestant to reach the finale and definitely, he has gotten lucky in this season of Bigg Boss Telugu.
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: October 23, 2019 16:09 IST
Bigg Boss Telugu S03 E94: Rahul Sipligunj gets ticket to finale and Ali detained

Though Rahul Sipligunj is one of the strongest contestants in the house, everyone blames him for his weak participation in the tasks. Even his mother conveyed the same earlier and prodded him to give his best in the tasks. And next, Rahul surpassed every contestant yesterday, thereby becoming the first contestant to enter the finals of Bigg Boss 3.

Yesterday’s episode started with Ali and Baba Bhaskar playing one of the tasks for the ticket to finale. Ali Reza tried hard not to let Baba Bhaskar enter into the mud pit and plant the flowers. The duo got indulged in a big fight. Just when things were about to turn ugly, Bigg Boss warned that violence is not allowed and the task is only to remove the opponent's flowers.
As the duo is still struggling, Bigg Boss declared that the task got canceled also disqualified Ali from the task leaving him nominated first. Later, while talking to Shiva Jyoti, Varun and Rahul, Ali Reza said that it was Baba Bhaskar himself who provoked him, whereas Varun said that it might be his strategy.
Sreemukhi and Rahul were first to ring the bell for the next task of the domino line task, while Baba has 30 percent battery, Siva Jyothi with 30 percent, Varun with 10 percent, Sreemukhi 20 percent and Rahul with 50 percent. The duo placed the Dominos in order, but because of air, most of Sreemukhi's Dominos fell, making Rahul the winner.
The next two were Sreemukhi again and Siva Jyothi to fight each other in a pyramid building task. Bigg Boss announced Sreemukhi as the winner because Siva Jyothi built a block instead of a pyramid. As Rahul's battery percentage is higher, the Bigg Boss declared that Rahul would get the 'Ticket To Finale'. Rest all remain nominated this week with zero percent battery for Ali and Varun each, 10 percent battery for Sreemukhi and Sivajyothi each and Baba Bhaskar with 20 percent battery.