Bigg Boss Telugu S03 E96: Confessions and allegations fills up the yesterday’s episode

Bigg Boss gave a task to the housemates to tell how clean is their journey in the house.
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: October 25, 2019 17:36 IST
Bigg Boss Telugu S03 E96: Confessions and allegations fills up the yesterday’s episode

Yesterday’s episode started with witty Sreemukhi saying that she will only talk in Telugu without using any English word and challenged Baba to do the same. This evoked some fun in the early part of the episode.

Later, Bigg Boss gave 'How clean is your journey?' task to be contestants. As per this task, the contestants should tell why the opponent is unfit to enter the final week and throw colour water on them. The opponent can defend themselves.
Baba Bhaskar said that Ali made some false allegations on him, which is why he thinks that Ali should not enter the final week and threw colour water on him. Sree Mukhi blamed that out of all the 17 contestants entered the Bigg Boss house, Shiva Jyoti is the most emotional person and also is extremely afraid of nominations, which is why she thinks that Shiva Jyothi is unfit.
Later Shiva Jyothi told that Varun who always prods the other contestants to give respect to his wife, but he used words like 'Kanthri' and she felt like he is not giving respect to the ladies. Varun tried to defend himself and said that he made it as a sarcastic comment, but she is just manipulating it.
Varun Sandesh claimed that he doesn't want to throw water on Baba Bhaskar, whereas Ali also didn't want to do it to Sreemukhi. But, as Bigg Boss asked them to do so, Varun Sandesh said that Baba Bhaskara should wear his mic properly and threw water at him. As Sreemukhi is the only clean contestant, she got an opportunity to request the audience for votes.
Later, all the contestants revealed the dark secrets as a task. Sreemukhi opened up about her personal life and said that she had an ugly breakup with a known person, which shattered her and also showed an impact on her professional career.