Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3: Dear Sreemukhi! Learn from Siva Balaji and Kaushal

Sreemukhi, Varun Sandesh, Rahul Sipilgunz and Siva Jyothi are the top contenders for winning the title of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3.
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: October 13, 2019 14:12 IST
Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3: Dear Sreemukhi! Learn from Siva Balaji and Kaushal

Well, as soon as the third season of the Bigg Boss has started, apparently, Sreemukhi got considered as the strongest contestant. Her performance made justice for the expectations of her initially. The latter part of the season is producing some hiccups for this Television Ramulamma, as she is going way to over-reactive on the negativity that housemates bringing on to her.

It is common that a group of people either individually or collectively attack the strongest contestant in the house given the following one has from the audience. The same happened to Siva Balaji in the first season. Kaushal is not the strongest from the beginning, but later the housemates realized his immense craze outside. 
Siva Balaji has faced some attacks from the housemates but he retaliated instantly. Coming to Kaushal, we all know how stubborn he is, and the rest is history. Both of them haven’t worried about the negative propaganda that went on them. But, in the case of Sree Mukhi, she began to startle when she came to know that most of the people wanted her out of the house. She started discussing them with the rest.
One thing Sree Mukhi should understand that in this competitive game, everyone wants to shackle the confidence of the other. Everyone wants the other person to go out of the house. In the case of strong contestants, it is obvious. So she has to stay stubborn rather than crying on an obvious thing. Things won’t work that way for her as Rahul is going way ahead of her along with Varun. Sree Mukhi needs to adapt herself as quickly as possible to lift the title.