Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Episode 58: Sacrifices from the contestants makes the episode gripping

Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: September 17, 2019 13:53 IST
Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Episode 58: Sacrifices from the contestants makes the episode gripping

On Monday’s episode, the episode started with an energetic song from 'Rangasthalam'. In the starting, Varun Sandesh, Punarnavi and Mahesh are seen talking about the nominations whereas Punarnavi gave a strong counter to Mahesh saying that he always give suggestions but she has to see whom he is going to nominate this time.

Later the nomination process took place and Bigg Boss unveiled his high power-weapon, 'the phone booth sacrifice’ to entertain the audience. In the gripping episode, the elimination nominations process panned out in a different way. All contestants get phone calls and will be nominated straight and giving the option of saving themselves by asking others to do a particular task.
For Sreemukhi to get saved from nominations this week, Baba Bhaskar has to clean shave his beard. As soon as Sreemukhi revealed this, Baba Bhaskar has instantly agreed to this and made a clean shave. His new look is now grabbing the attention of the audience.
Later it is Punarnavi's turn, and she will be saved from nomination if Rahul Sipligunj drinks 20 classes of bitter gourd juice. As Rahul completed the task, she got saved and Rahul received a hug and Kiss from Punarnavi. For Varun Sandesh, Big Boss gave the option of convincing Sreemukhi to get Big Boss eye tattoo etched, to save him. Sreemukhi obliged to do so and saved Varun.
As Himaja failed to send all her clothes including makeup, Mahesh got nominated this week. The real drama began when it was Himaja’s turn to get saved. However, Himaja got the phone call from Bigg Boss and was subjected to the nomination. Himaja was subjected to elimination nomination immunity only if Varun did the task assigned to him. Varun was supposed to sit in a dirty, stinking puddle of water for a considerable amount of time.
Varun decided to do the task after facing a lot of difficulty with the unbearable odour and he was about to puke at one moment when Vithika slipped and fell down while bringing dustbin for Varun. Though Himaja wanted to self nominate herself out of guilt, Varun successfully completed one of the hardest tasks to save Himaja.
All the people didn't get a chance to complete nominations in Episode 58 and this drama will be continued for the next week as well.