Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Episode 64 : Himaja refuses to re-enter the show

The third season of Big Boss sprung to life with the phone booth task, the appearance, and controversies among relatives and eventually the much-awaited double elimination which was indeed faked. Makers couldn’t have asked for a better setup to set the house alive.
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: September 23, 2019 13:32 IST
Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 Episode 64 : Himaja refuses to re-enter the show

In yesterday’s episode, Nagarjuna asks Punarnavi how she’s doing after Rahul’s eviction. She says she is trying to cope up and is still guilty about being responsible for Rahul’s eviction. After Nagarjuna announces that Himaja is eliminated as usual Siva Jyothi got emotional. Even Himaja gets emotional watching her Bigg Boss journey video.

In the post-eviction discussion, Himaja says she has learned not to expect and give leniency to people in real life. But this didn’t help her in the Bigg Boss house. She complained that nobody ever supported her in the house but she stood strong.
Later, Himaja rates every housemate as Good, Bad and Ugly as they stand on an ice block.
Himaja rates Jyothi as ‘Good’.
She rates Mahesh as ‘Bad’ because he doesn’t live up to his word.
Himaja rates Ravi as 'Good’.
She rates Varuna as ‘Good’. She appreciates his game and expects him in the finale.
Himaja rates Punarnavi as ‘Bad’ as the latter gets anxious about the nomination. They argue over the same.
She rates Baba as ‘Ugly’ adding that he is the most brainy and cunning in the house.
Himaja says she learned not to be over-emotional from Sreemukhi. Rating her as ‘Good’, Himaja asks her not to be dull again.
She rates Vithika as 'Bad’.
When Nagarjuna asked if she considers the chance to re-enter the house, she refuses to re-enter the house as it wouldn't be fair. Finally, she drops the Big Bomb on Mahesh for which he has to open the door for every housemate who will enter the garden area.