Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3: Himaja and Rahul to leave the house?

After the intriguing eighth week, Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 is all set for double elimination today.
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: September 22, 2019 14:23 IST
Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3: Himaja and Rahul to leave the house?

As we all know that the Bigg Boss is full of surprises, here comes the biggest amongst all. Season 3 went halfway down but the audience is surprised as they haven’t seen double elimination yet. They even ruled out the chances of double elimination this week as there are only three contestants in the elimination. But Big Boss unleashed his whip on two housemates this week as Himaja and Rahul are already eliminated.

But, here comes a surprise as, with Rahul and Himaja eliminated that left Mahesh being safe, the game is not over yet. From some trustworthy sources, it is being said that Himaja will be eliminated but Rahul will be kept in a secret room to take part in further proceedings. This kind of scenario happened in the Season1 with Mumaith Khan.
So far, even this news is deemed as mere speculation or rumour, there are many reasons to assume that Big Boss will come up with this as the show is getting bored from day to day. More ever, 'Star Maa' showed in their promo that Rahul was eliminated in Sunday’s episode which makers wouldn’t do without a cause. This suggests and strengthens the report that Rahul was sent to the secret room.
Well, stick to your televisions tonight to check this out and keep checking this space for more exciting info earlier than any anyone.
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