Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3: Tension over this week’s elimination

Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: August 30, 2019 14:41 IST
Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3: Tension over this week’s elimination

Big Boss Telugu Season 3 is burning the TRP charts and the sensationalism in the Telugu version of Bigg Boss is at an all-time high. The spat between the husband-wife duo, Vithika and Varun and their comprises thereon, Punarnavi and Rahul’s unique relationship, Hema’s shocking confessions post evictions and Baba Bhaskar’s jovial attitude are working in the show’s favour.

On the other side, there is a bit of tension in everyone’s face as there are only three contestants in the elimination zone this week. As Varun, Ravi and Rahul attained immunity by successfully performing high-risk tasks, it is a tight space between Punarnavi, Himaja and Mahesh.
Let’s see the vote difference:-
Himaja trails the pack with the least number of votes so far. However, her vote difference is significantly reduced considering the support for Himaja from the audience when compared to Punarnavi.
Punarnavi – 98256 votes
Mahesh Vitta – 102362 votes
Himaja – 89326 votes
Though the results can change with time and performance by the contestants in the coming days, Himaja is definitely in the danger zone.
Considering just three nominations are in the fray from the sixth elimination of Bigg Boss Telugu 3, Mahesh Vitta is not safe too. Though this elimination is widely seen as a Punarnavi vs Himaja battle, Mahesh is a probable contestant to be eliminated too as the last week saw a female contestant, Ashu Reddy being eliminated.
Finally, to everyone’s mind, it could be Himaja who makes her way out this week but as Big Boss is full of surprises, there could be no elimination this week which gives scope for double-elimination for the next week including a wild card entry to fit in the house.