Bigg BossTelugu Season 3 Episode 61: Mahesh grabs captaincy for the first time

Except for Vithika and Punarnavi, everyone garlanded Mahesh, leading to him becoming the captain for the first time.
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: September 20, 2019 13:23 IST
Bigg BossTelugu Season 3 Episode 61: Mahesh grabs captaincy for the first time

In the latest episode of Big Boss, all the housemates were asked to choose one best lecturer and one best student from the college task. Among the teachers, Baba Bhaskar is chosen as the best performer and among the students, Mahesh Vitta is chosen as the best performer. However, Punarnavi disappointed on Ravi for choosing Varun initially and later changed his decision to Baba Bhaskar because of the relationship they have.

The task for the captaincy is actually campaigning for themselves to become the captain of the house and convincing the housemates to whom Bigg Boss has given some garlands, and winning the garlands from them in the end. Most of the time, Mahesh used the card 'I've never been captain, so I've to see myself as a captain', while Baba Bhaskar kept saying, 'I can do better as captain though he has no interest in that'.
Most of the housemates chose Mahesh ahead of Baba except Vithika and Punarnavi. Later, the housemates also chose the luxury budget for the week. After that, the family members/friends of the housemates entered the Bigg Boss show. They were given a task in the activity center. All the family members are asked to choose empty boxes and those who get Joker will be eliminated and those who get Bigg Boss eye will be promoted to the next level.
In Yesterday’s episode, only Vithika’s brother only got the Bigg Boss eye and promoted to the next level while Mahesh's sister is eliminated since her box has Joker.