Abbas-Mustan do not encourage a remake of Baazigar but are open to a sequel

The duo Abbas-Mustan created a cult classic 26 years ago but do not wish a remake. Read to find out why.
Written By Abhivyakti Seshanand | Updated: November 14, 2019 12:48 IST
Abbas-Mustan do not encourage a remake of Baazigar but are open to a sequel

The filmmaker duo is nostalgic about their 1993 release but doesn’t want to get involved in the process of a remake.

Talking to media, Abbas Burmawalla said, “Nobody would easily agree to play the character that Shah Rukh essayed in 'Baazigar'. I doubt whether youngsters of today would say yes to such a role.”
He also added that if anyone would say yes to the role, then it would be difficult to say if they could justify the role, “I don't know if anybody else will be able to justify the role if a remake is ever made. Even if the role is modified a bit, we don't think anybody else will be able to pull it off in the way he did.”
However, they are not against a sequel, “If we get a good script, which is worthy of a sequel, we will definitely give it a thought.”
Baazigar was a launching pad into stardom for Shah Rukh Khan. The filmmaker duo last worked with him for Baadshah in 1999. They are eager to work with him.
”We are looking for the right script that will excite him. We are extremely eager to work with him on another film.” Abbas said.
Talking about SRK, he added: "He is extremely popular even today. From the time when we worked with him in 'Baazigar', his passion and dedication towards his work have remained the same. The only thing he thinks about is films. It's rare to find this level of dedication these days."
The duo’s latest film was Machine in 2017 with Mustafa Burmawalla and Kiara Advani in the lead.