Akshay Kumar’s driving Twinkle Khanna to the hospital for her broken foot

Akshay Kumar seen driving his wife Twinkle Khanna to a hospital on his wife’s latest post. She clarified that it wasn’t for contracting corona, instead for a broken foot.
Written By Mohana Sravya Rayaprolu | Updated: March 29, 2020 20:11 IST
Akshay Kumar’s driving Twinkle Khanna to the hospital for her broken foot

As we are well aware, for Bollywood famous Akshay Kumar safety is prior. His wife Twinkle Khanna recently put up a post on Instagram that reassures the same fact about him, in these difficult times during a pandemic. The content of her post was a video, showing us the deserted roads on their drive back home from a hospital. She mentioned that they had to visit the hospital to get her ‘broken foot’ checked amidst the lockdown. Akshay is the assigned driver with a mask and she calls him ‘driver all the way from Chandni Chowk’ as a joke. Her words were, “The roads are deserted except for some pigeons and crows... Here's my driver all the way from Chandni Chowk and we are on our way back from the hospital. No, I don't have coronavirus. People go to the hospital for many things, including me for being unusually clumsy.”
She also referred to Akshay’s contribution to the COVID- 19 relief fund. She said, “So this Sunday, my husband's pocket is lighter and our hearts have never been more full. And my foot is bloody broken. A happy Sunday to you as well.” This Saturday, the actor pledged Rs 25 crore for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's PM-CARES Fund.
Akshay Kumar himself has been making several posts on his social media platforms to urge his fans to stay indoors. His recent tweet read, “This is that time when all that matters is the lives of our people. And we need to do anything and everything it takes. I pledge to contribute Rs 25 crore from my savings to Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji's PM-CARES Fund. Let's save lives, jaan hai toh jahaan hai.”
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