Allu Aravind's AHA OTT hits Playstores

Aha OTT is managed by Allu Aravin'd Arha Media and the makers will officially launch the platform soon in the media
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: January 25, 2020 11:42 IST
Allu Aravind's AHA OTT hits Playstores

The OTT platforms have been growing rapidly and we already have a bunch of OTT websites to stream movies like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Zee 5, etc. A lot of digital platform companies ventured into the production business. Some existing producers also found it to be a business model that works well.

Now, popular producer Allu Aravind also joined OTT platforms. The producer has been developing an app OTP app called AHA. Developed by Arha Media And Broadcasting Private Limited, it is an exclusive Telugu content app that has an extensive range of movies as well as web series. The app already got 500+ downloads even before the official launch. Also, a bunch of movies like Gang Leader, Badri, Arya 2, Karthikeya, etc is already available on the app. But the team is yet to develop the app completely. They will launch the app very soon.
The app also has paid content and the plans are way cheaper than Amazon Prime as well. The 3-month plan is just for Rs. 149 whereas the annual plan is for Rs.365.
The platform's official launch takes place very soon. A formal announcement on the same comes out in the nearer future.