Ashika Ranganath talks of how Raambo 2 gave her popularity and recognition

The new girl on the block Ashika Ranganath spoke of her film Raambo 2 and what she has been up to under the lockdown in a recent interview.
Written By Akanksha Sridhara | Updated: June 01, 2020 15:01 IST
Ashika Ranganath talks of how Raambo 2 gave her popularity and recognition

Ashika Ranganath debuted with the 2016 film Crazy Boy. She then appeared in a couple of films like Mass Mugulu Nage and Raju Kannada Medium. Her 2018 film Raambo 2 shot her to overnight success and stardom. The talented newcomer who is all set to appear in films like Garuda, Raymo, Avatara Purusha, and many more spoke of how Raambo 2 shot her to fame. Raambo 2 is a comedy drama starring Sharan in the leading role in addition to Ashika Ranganath.

While talking about how she goes about picking a film Ashika says she likes to discuss it with the team in-depth" I don't like listening to scripts over the phone, and would rather prefer discussing them in detail with the team. I will do that as and when I find it safe to venture out" says Ashika.
Ashika says that Raambo 2 gave her fame and recognition. She says, “As an actor, the phrase, ‘climbing the ladder’, perfectly fits my film journey. Having started with Crazy Boy opposite a newcomer, and having played important characters in films like Raju Kannada Medium and Mugulu Nage, it was Raambo 2 that gave me the break to play a solo heroine. The name Ashika Ranganath got known among the audience through this film.”
Talking about how she learned to read in between the lines of scripts, Ashika admits that she is a lot more choosy about her ventures now. “As a beginner, I didn’t know how to choose a script and was not much aware of acting either. I would just follow what directors would tell me. But with Raambo 2, I realised that picking the right script is very important for an actor, and that was the sole reason I chose Raambo 2, which ran for 100 days,” says Ashika.
While talking about what she has been up to during the lockdown, Akshika says she has been spending quality time with her family. She has also been watching a film a day to educate herself. “I got to spend some quality time with family. Irrespective of our arguments, I do have my mother and my sister (Anusha Ranganath), and we still enjoy staying together. This time also allowed me to understand the importance of a homemaker, for whom lockdown has never made a difference,” she says. Ashika also said that the lockdown has given her space to ease her schedule. She is now a little worried about returning to hectic film shoots! “While dance has been an escape, I, along with my family, have watched some of the best films in all languages. We have also watched a few web series. This has been the schedule over the last few months. Having got used to this lifestyle, I am afraid how it’s going to be once I get back to the film sets,” Ashika concludes.