COVID-19: Actor Kamaal Haasan writes an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

In the letter, Kamal Haasan writes, Mistake of demonetization being repeated.
Written By Akanksha Sridhara | Updated: April 07, 2020 15:34 IST
COVID-19: Actor Kamaal Haasan writes an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi

"I am sorry to say that sir, this time your vision failed," actor-turned-politician Kamal Haasan writes in an open letter to the Prime Minister. The actor criticized the "ill-planned" implementation of the 21-day nationwide lockdown.
The president of the Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM) said that blame for the chaos can not be placed on the public. The Prime Minister to blame for this as the 'strict and immediate' lockdown was 'almost demonetization style.'
"You ordered an entire nation of 1.4 billion people to shut down within 4 hours," he said. "A mere 4 hour notice period for the people when you had a 4 month notice period... My biggest fear is that the same mistake of demonetization is being repeated albeit at a much bigger scale," wrote Haasan.
This is not the first time the actor is addressing the Prime Minister. On 23rd March, Haasan had written an open first to the Prime Minister. In the letter, the actor had urged the government to take adequate measures to help the venerable sections of society.
Haasan in this letter written on 6th April has criticized the Prime Minster's techniques. He said that while these 'psychotherapy techniques' were being adopted to address the "first world anxiety problems of the ‘haves’ who have a balcony to cheer," what would happen to those who don’t have a roof over their heads. The actor stated that the spectacle of lights may help the privileged but it makes no difference to the poor.
The actor asked for the safeguarding of the poorer sections of society. "I would like to see you doing more to secure everybody’s fortress and ensure that nobody goes to bed hungry. COVID-19 will continue to find more victims but we are creating a fertile playground for Hunger(H), Exhaustion(E) and Deprivation(D) of the poor. HED ’20 is a malady that is smaller in profile but far deadlier compared to COVID-19. Its impact will be felt long after COVID-19 has vanished," he said.
The actor said that the Prime Minister seemed comfortable outsourcing responsible behavior to the common people and transparency to the State governments. He has also commented on the failure of the system to stop the gathering of "ignorant and foolish people."
The actor concluded the letter by urging the Prime Minister to take action. "Sir, this is the time to listen to voices who truly care. I do care. It’s the time to smudge all boundaries and give a clarion call to everyone to come on to your side and help. India’s biggest potential is its human potential and we have tided over bigger crises in the past. We will overcome this too but it must be done in a way that brings everyone together and doesn’t become yet another reason to choose sides. We are angry but we are still on your side," he said. 4
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