From Jab We Met to Tamasha, important life-changing takeaways from Imtiaz Ali's films

On Imtiaz Ali's birthday, here's looking at some important lessons he has given through his films like Tamasha, Rockstar, Jab We Met, and more
by Saumya Bansal | June 16, 2021 20:18 IST
From Jab We Met to Tamasha, important life-changing takeaways from Imtiaz Ali's films

Imtiaz Ali is a man of sheer brilliance and creativity. He's known for his spectacular story-telling which has time and again connected with the audience and touched their hearts. Right from his directorial debut film Socha Na Tha, Imtiaz has managed to leave an impression on the viewers like no other. And rightly so, for some of his films like Tamasha, Highway, Rockstar, Jab We Met and more give us some life-changing takeaways which make them real, raw and relatable.

Tamasha – Don't let society dictate your life

Ved (Ranbir Kapoor) and Tara (Deepika Padukone) meet during a holiday in Corsica and promise to never meet again. But when Tara comes chasing Ved to another city, she discovers a different man, who's frustrated and still discovering himself. Tamasha made us all look into the mirror of life where once as children we used to dream big, dream differently. But as we grow up, we start aligning with the conventional rules of society and forget our real identity. When the mask that Ved wore for so many years to please the society fell off, it wasn't just him who discovered his true self, but several others who watched the film. Through Ved, we all saw a part of us struggling in today's robotic life. But courtesy Imtiaz, the film taught us - "It's better to be late than never". We can always switch careers and follow what really makes us happy.

Jab We Met – Don't ruin your present worrying about the future

Aditya (Shahid Kapoor), a depressed business tycoon who's on the verge of ending his life, finds Geet (Kareena Kapoor), a happy-go-lucky girl who lives in the present and speaks her mind out. Their journey from Mumbai to Bhatinda gives Aditya a new lease of life, and many of us the hope of having a successful transformation even when nothing seems to be falling into place. Through Geet, we learned to live in the present and seize every moment – whether it's dancing in the rain or jumping in a pond. Jab We Met also taught us to trust our instincts – the feeling we get when we know something is right or wrong, should always be our guiding light. Geet was always her favourite and we should be ours too. It's only when we first start loving ourselves, that everyone around us will love us too.

Highway – Home is a feeling, not a place

Alia Bhatt as Veera develops Stockholm syndrome for her abductor Mahabir (Randeep Hooda) when she starts feeling more free with him than living in her house. A victim of child abuse and family negligence, Veera finds love and comfort in Mahabir and decides to never return. Highway taught us how the four walls of a house can in no time become suffocating when we stop feeling like ourselves. Veera felt safer with her abductor than in her own house because she discovered true happiness in small things like lying on the grass, drinking a glass of sugarcane juice and being around nature.

Rockstar – Channel your inner anger and grief into creating a work of brilliance

Jordon (Ranbir Kapoor) falls in love with Heer (Nargis Fakhri) and experiences some changing emotions when he discovers she's dying. Rockstar touched the soul of the audience. And that happened because it connected them with some real emotions. Just like Khatana bhai rightly said "Dil, dard, dukh, aasu is something that builds all great artists", and this is why Rockstar is what it is today because Imtiaz Ali put in his heart and soul in making it. Jordon always had the fire in him, the drive to become a legend. This is why when things went south, he took a break away from all the chaos and spent time in a dargah to come in contact with his soul.

Love Aaj Kal – No matter what era it is, the stories of true love are beautiful

Jai-Meera (Saif Ali and Deepika Padukone) and Veer-Harleen experience true love but in two different eras – Aaj (2009) and Kal (post-independence). While the present world love story of Jai and Meera wasn't free of bumps, they find each other again despite settling in different worlds. Meera gets married, while Jai gets his dream job in San Francisco. But soon they experience the feeling of losing out on the true bond which they had with each other and decide to get back together. A simple story yet it gave us a meaning to hold on to. Separated by time and distance, Jai and Meera decided to follow their true happiness. They defied the words "too late" and made us believe in love irrespective of time and eras.