MAA President Naresh tweets on Balakrishna row; deletes the post after a while

Naresh revealed that he was also not invited to the meetings that Balakrishna stated but the actor participated in another meeting of Talasani
Written By Anoop Sai Bandi | Updated: May 29, 2020 20:23 IST
MAA President Naresh tweets on Balakrishna row; deletes the post after a while

The statements made by Nandamuri Balakrishna the other day are now creating ripples in the film industry. Responding to Balakrishna's statements, producer C. Kalyan said that it is Movie Artists Association (MAA)'s responsibility to call actors for the meetings. This statement didn't go well with MAA president Naresh. He said that how can they invite someone to meetings when they themselves are unaware of them. Surprisingly, Naresh deleted his tweet after a while. Now, netizens are wondering what made him take back his words and delete the tweet.
Earlier today, Naresh tweeted, "I am shocked seeing the statement of Mr. C. Kalyan that it was MAA's responsibility to invite Mr. Balakrishna to the meetings with Mr. Chiranjeevi or Cm garu. As President of Maa, when Gen Secretary nor me was not informed of any such meetings how can I invite someone to meetings." However, Naresh deleted the tweet after a while. He didn't post anything related to the issue after deleting the tweet.
The whole issue started when Balakrishna made shocking statements on the industry big wigs the other day. He said that no one invited him for the meetings with the Telangana government. He further said that he came to know about these meetings through news reports. Balakrishna questioned if the industry members are making any land dealings with the Telangana government. Many industry celebrities have reacted to these comments of Balakrishna. While some demanded an apology, some others said that there might be a miscommunication. Some claimed that the meetings are for producers and some others said only people with face value attended the events. Everyone has a different answer. These contrasting opinions are now confusing film lovers. We have to see when this fight ends.