Parul Yadav has a fun and healthy breakfast recipe!

Garnish your favorite fruits and nuts, says Parul Yadav as she shares a delicious fruit based breakfast recipe
Written By Akanksha Sridhara | Updated: May 22, 2020 15:02 IST
Parul Yadav has a fun and healthy breakfast recipe!

Healthy recipes are bound to taste horrid right? Absolutely not! Parul Yadav's fruit-based breakfast recipe looks absolutely delicious and inviting! Parul shared a photo of her breakfast bowl with the bottles of seasoning she uses! It looks like a recipe that one must try! Parul seems to be a fan of Marmite, a taste that most of us might not like. While trying out the recipe, you might want to test waters before spreading a huge chunk! Parul too warns her followers of this while stating the recipe.
Parul Yadav shared the photo with the recipe as the caption. She wrote, "Spin one full mango, 2 tbsp of greek yoghurt, 3tbsp of almond milk..Garnish with your favourite fruits and nuts.. In my case I have used grated coconut, fresh Alphonso mango, raisins, almonds, mixed seeds peccan nuts, chia seeds, some granola. The two bottles at the side are Manuka honey and Marmite (a spread invited by German scientists Justus Von Liebig is a vegan source of Vitamins including B12. PS: CAUTION - Marmite has a very strong taste.. you need to acquire a taste for it so pls go easy with it at first."
Meanwhile, Parul Yadav has shared several of her TikTok videos on her social media. She shared a comic video warning people not to believe in baseless rumors about coronavirus. She has also shared several TikTok videos of her dancing to a tune!
On the work front, Parul Yadav was last seen in the 2018 crime action film Seizer. She starred alongside Chiranjeevi Sarja and V Ravichandran. She will next appear in the Kannada remake of the hit Bollywood film Queen. She will reprise Kangana Ranaut's role from the original. Queen is being remade in Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam as well. Parul is co-producing all four versions.