Parul Yadav’s experiments with healthy food look absolutely delicious!

The rule of the thumb is if it’s healthy, it probably takes bad; Parul Yadav is proving everyone wrong with her healthy food creations!
Written By Akanksha Sridhara | Updated: May 31, 2020 17:43 IST
Parul Yadav’s experiments with healthy food look absolutely delicious!

Healthy recipes are bound to taste horrid right? Absolutely not! Parul Yadav 's fruit-based recipes look absolutely delicious! It seems like Parul Yadav has been cooking up some delicious food during the lockdown. She has shared several photos and recipes in the past, but these new food experiments are just awe-inspiring and not to mention mouth-watering!

Parul Yadav shared a few photos of her delicious creations under the series title "My experiments with Food." She also provided the ingredients list for those who wish to recreate them. Parul’s first creation is a yogurt-based dish with a whole lot of fruits and berries. She shared the photo with the caption, “ Greek yogurt, manuka honey, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, mulberries, kiwis, raisins, pomegranates sprinkled with granola and a granola bar.”
Parul’s second creation is an acai bowl made up of several ingredients. She mentioned the ingredients in the caption that reads, “ Acai bowl with an all berry and banana smoothie in greek yogurt topped with sliced strawberries, chia seeds, grapes, almonds, and granola.”
Parul’s last dish seems perfect for the mango season! It is an oats based dish made with ingredients such as almond milk, chia seeds, mangoes, and many more. She captioned the photo, “ Chia seeds and oats soaked and chilled overnight in almond milk topped with strawberries, pine nuts peanut butter and alphonso mango and sprinkled with granola.”
On the work front, Parul Yadav was last seen in the 2018 crime action film Seizer. She starred alongside Chiranjeevi Sarja and V Ravichandran. She will next appear in the Kannada remake of the hit Bollywood film Queen. She will reprise Kangana Ranaut's role from the original. Queen is being remade in Telugu, Tamil, and Malayalam as well. Parul is co-producing all four versions.
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