Rakesh and Hrithik Roshan are soon bringing back the alien Jaadu in the upcoming film Krrish 4

With the death of Rohit Mehra in Krrish 3, the director and actor duo have decided on bringing back Jaadu for their upcoming film.
Written By Apoorv Shandilya | Updated: May 22, 2020 22:39 IST
Rakesh and Hrithik Roshan are soon bringing back the alien Jaadu in the upcoming film Krrish 4

Krrish is a widely successful Indian superhero franchise. The film franchise already has 3 successful films in its back and is now getting ready for its fourth installment. Initially film-maker Rakesh Roshan wanted to drop Krrish 4 in December 2020. However due to his health complications the project got delayed. Now Rakesh Roshan is once again handling Krrish 4 even as he spends his time at home amid the lockdown. Rakesh Roshan is reportedly brainstorming with his actor son Hrithik Roshan and figuring out the script for the fourth film in the Krrish franchise.
A report by Mumbai Mirror writes, 'Rakesh ji and Hrithik, with their team of writers, have been brain-storming on how to take Krrish forward and have finally locked an idea. Jadoo has strong recall value and they felt that with Rohit Mehra dying in Krrish 3, it'd be the right time to introduce Krrish to the alien who gifted him his special powers.'
The source added, 'They have been discussing the film's scale, visuals and other technical aspects with experts in the West.'
Previously Hrithik Roshan also hinted at plans of bringing back Jaadu to his superhero film, 'Yes, the world can do with some Jaadu now.' With the return of Jaadu in Krrish 4, the alien will be returning to earth after 16 years.
Hrithik also spoke to PTI about his plans with Krrish 4. He said, 'Right after WAR, I am going to sit with my father, get everyone together and restart work on Krrish 4. We had put it a little on the side because dad was recovering. Now that he is better, we will kick-start it once more.'