Revisiting Ajith's landmark film Citizen on its 19th release anniversary

Ajith is one of the star heroes in the Kollywood film industry and the film Citizen is one of the biggest hits in his career that made him close to the audiences.
Written By Thulasi Ram | Updated: June 08, 2020 12:20 IST
Revisiting Ajith's landmark film Citizen on its 19th release anniversary

Every star hero has a few remarkable milestone films in his career. One such film in Thala Ajith Kumar's career is Citizen. This 2001 action thriller has made Ajith a star who was just a mere noted actor at that time. This film gave him a big breakthrough and also gained him a wide fanbase. Today, Citizen celebrates 19 years of its release. On this occasion, let us revisit this cult movie.
Citizen traces the story of a man who maintains three different identities to kidnap government officials. He does it to accomplish his secret mission. But an IPS officer cracks that there is only one person behind all these kidnappings and sets out to chase him. What happens next forms the main crux of the film. Directed by Saravana Subaiya, this film featured Ajith in a dual role. Nagma, Vasundhara Das and Meena have played the supporting roles in it. Ajith donned many getups in the film, which was the major highlight of the film. The director also lent out a message in the film which got connected with the audiences. Many people consider this film as one of the best works of Ajith.
The music composed by Deva was also a major hit. All the tracks got a good response from the audiences. However, it is the background score that deserves a mention. Deva uplifted the film's mood with a scintillating background score. All Ajith fans are celebrating the occasion by trending #19YrsOfGOATCitizen.