Spat between Meera Chopra and Jr. NTR gets ugly; the actress reports more fans for abusing her

Meera Chopra still complains on more people on social media who abused her and she still feels angry on Jr NTR fans.
Written By Thulasi Ram | Updated: June 05, 2020 11:29 IST
Spat between Meera Chopra and Jr. NTR gets ugly; the actress reports more fans for abusing her

The spat between actress Meera Chopra and the fans of Jr NTR is getting ugly with every passing day. A section of NTR fans is abusing and threatening Meera for the last few days. She has already filed a complaint on them. Even after filing a case, the actress is still receiving ugly and abusive messages from fans. She also requested Police to take action on these people who kept on abusing her even after registering a complaint.

From the past three days, Meera has been getting a lot of threats and abuses on Twitter. It all got started when she said that Jr. NTR is not her favorite actor and she hasn't watched any of his films. This statement didn't go well with a few fans of the Temper actor. Thus, they started attacking the actress with rape threats. Meera then filed a case on them to the Hyderabad police. As she is still receiving the threats, she is now seeking support from the Telugu states' police departments and governments as well. Yesterday, Meera tweeted, "@ysjagan @tanetivanita, I've been abused of gangrape, acid attack, abused, cyberbullied and slut-shamed by your state. @hydcitypolice has filed a fir and I hope for the safety of women this will get investigated thoroughly."
We hear that the cops are investigating the case and are taking out the data of the particular fans who are abusing Meera. The culprits will get caught soon. Meera is also getting support from the other celebrities and social workers who strongly condemned these acts of the fans. They are also expecting a word from NTR. But we have to if he responds to the issue or not.