Thala Ajith's newfound hobby is cycling

Thala Ajith seems to have found a hobby in cycling as well. Recently, he did acycling trip to Kolkata.
Written By Chaiitanya Rao | Updated: February 26, 2021 09:24 IST
Thala Ajith's newfound hobby is cycling

Ajith is a multi-faceted person and never misses an opportunity to learn a new craft. Apart from acting, Ajith loves photography, car and bike racing, aero-modelling, cooking, drone building and recently rifle shooting. Known to be the most humble star, Ajith spends his leisure time doing the things that he loves. Recently, photos f Ajith cycling in and around Kolkata made the rounds on social media. Ajith was seen in a cycling gear and went on a trip with his friends. Fellow cyclist Suresh Kumar shared these pictures on his Instagram page and penned a lengthy caption.

Sharing the pics, he wrote, "Being a celebrity, be it film stars, sports stars, politicians, IAS, IPS or Media people is not just about the fame, power, wealth or status. They are just normal ppl like us who happen to be in professions related to public life. Some of them enjoy the attention, which is fair enough, whereas some are private people who enjoy solitude. Unfortunately, most of the times, their right to privacy is rudely snatched and stolen. All the time, they are hounded, tortured and pursued in their most private moments. n these 15 years of memorable cycling expeditions with ‘Thala’ Ajith, I have seen his unbelievable struggle to get just an hour for himself with one of his favourite hobby: Cycling.Yet, in a superb display of grit, patience and love, Thala keeps at the sport. Between his arduous shoots: every available time is spent cycling in different belts of India: Hyderabad, Vizag, Coimbatore, Coorg, Thirupathi, the Northern belt, just to mention a few.I am stunned to see his dedication and hard work in cycling despite the odds and have learned a lot from him. We have cycled together for over 30,000 km. Looking forward to doing thousands more on International terrains. What I have learnt from this is having a hobby is extremely important in one's life and that discipline makes life easier ."