Valmiki Live Updates Premiere Show Review

Valmiki, directed by Harish Shankar, stars Varun Tej and Pooja Hegde is all set for a grand release today across the globe. The film was censored recently and was awarded U/A certificate
Written By Aravind Peesapati | Updated: September 20, 2019 04:30 IST
Valmiki Live Updates Premiere Show Review

Valmiki is the remake of Tamil film Jigarthanda and it is 4 minutes longer than the original. The entire film lies on Varun Tej’s shoulders and going by the trailers he has excelled with his style, gesture, and performance. More than Varun Tej this is going to be an important film for director Harish Shankar who is waiting to deliver a proper blockbuster after Gabbar Singh. His previous film Duvvada Jagannatham was a disappointment.

Valmiki’s fate now lies in the hands of Telugu people who haven’t watched Jigarthanda. Let’s see whether Harish Shankar pulled out another ‘Gabbar Singh’ Or not
Live updates:
*Valmiki opened with flashback episode with an attack on GaddalaKonda Ganesh (Varun Tej) with solid Mega entry, terrific buildup, and BGM
*Atharva is introduced as an aspiring filmmaker, He challenges to make a good film with senior director and decides to make a film on a Gangster and chooses Gaddhalakonda Ganesh life story for his film
*Introduction song is good with Varun Tej Histrionic and swag
*Atharva starts following Gani(Varun Tej) and the gang for research of his movie
*Second song time ‘Gagana veedhilo’ shot on Atharva Murali, Mirnalini Ravi is beautiful and melodious
*Varun tej brutal histrionics are very well elevated. So far it is entertaining with Harish Shankar mark massy entertainment
*Pre-interval episode sets up good anticipation around the interval block
*Nen Ostunna...nuv sastunnav. Good first half with terrific interval block. Harish Shankar took the basic plot from the original and presents it with his trademark entertainment. Varun Tej steals the show as Brutal Gangstar, his characterization and dialouges are excellently written.
*Pre-interval episode sets up good anticipation around the interval block
*Valmiki second half started with a bang as Gani comes to know that Atharva came to his village to make a feature film on his life story.
*Gani is mighty impressed with the movie proposal and started sharing his life story to Atharva
*The much awaited ‘Velluvachi Godaramma’ song time. Pooja Hegde is a treat to watch in this song as she looks hot and carries the song effortlessly while Varun looks fine in retro look. On whole Velluvoche godaramma song situation and picturization are very well presented. On screen remix song is treat for masses
*Chartbuster Jarra Jarra song is good on screen. Harish Shankar manages the pace of the film with back to back mass numbers
*Trainer Muni (Brahmaji) enters the scene to train Gani and gang on acting
*Brahmaji acting teaching episode couldn’t get much laughs. It was expected to work like Anthakshari episode in Gabbar Singh but ended up without any excitement.
*Decent second half with good last 30 mins. The climax is excellent performance of Varun Tej in emotional scenes. Watch out for Sukumar, Nithin cameos in end credit scenes.
*Harish Shankar sticks to his strengths with great support from Micky J Mayer's sound track.
*Overall Entertaining Mass masala Gangstar drama which is totally different from Jigarthanda. If the original was realistic and striking, this one is a routine mass entertainer. Varun Tej as Gaddala Konda Ganesh is treat to watch and he passes with flying colors in his first mass real role.
Detailed review soon