125 years of IMPRISONMENT - What wrong they did?

2015 September 5 The heartbreaking deaths of many refugees including 3yrs old girl Kurdi who was killed on the beach. The criminals who killed many people were sentenced with 125yrs of Prisonment
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: March 18, 2020 16:15 IST
125 years of IMPRISONMENT - What wrong they did?

Some people in the world are thinking of making money only. In order to earn money, they are forgetting that they are living in society. They are only thinking of How to cheat others, In which angle we have to exploit others? For making a lot of money, they are into injustice and illegal ways. This includes high-tech prostitution, drug abuse, cybercrime, and human trafficking. On September 2, 2015, the video of Kurdi who was lying on the beach, went viral throughout the media, TV and social media around the world. 

Every parent who saw that photo sobbed. As a result of seeing the dead body of the little girl, everyone felt emotional. World countries have responded to the issue of refugees just after the photo came out. However, there is a tragic crime behind this. The heartbreaking situation of the refugees is the death of three-year-old child Allen Kurdi, who was killed on the beach. Three people sentenced to 125 years in prison for causing the deaths of many people, including Kurdi, for human trafficking.
The Kurdi family was forced to board a 16-man plastic boat which has a limit of only 8 members. In order to reach Greece from Turkey, they did this. The boat sank just a few minutes after it moved offshore. They raised $6,000 to smuggle out one Kurdish family. The Turkish court has issued a judgment of sentencing the culprits that caused the death of the child for 125 years after the crime had been proved.