Amaravati HEAT is irking Chandrababu Naidu big time!

TDP will be able to win Vijayawada city in the upcoming corporation election.
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: March 01, 2020 10:49 IST
Amaravati HEAT is irking Chandrababu Naidu big time!

After the TDP been into power in 2014, the city of Vijayawada is well known. The declaration of Amaravati as the capital of Andhra Pradesh made Vijayawada more popular. In five years, the city has been well-developed. Along with further development, it became the center for State Politics. The Telugu Desam Party has got a good grip on Vijayawada. The development that they have made by the TDP, can see in the 2019 election results.

Vijayawada's MP seat is also under TDP. Of the three seats in the city, TDP gained a seat in Vijayawada East by a majority of over 15 thousand. However, the Central seat lost only by 25 votes, and they lost the seat in West by 7,0000 votes. TDP did not lose its grip on Vijayawada even the seats lost. The government's declaration of 'Three capitals' became an add-on for TDP.
TDP leaders in the city are actively working. Eastern MLA Gadde Rammohan is working in the constituency and is strengthening the party. Also, MP Kesineni Nani is developing a parliamentary-funded constituency. They are supporting the people whose pension and ration cards canceled by the ruling party. Bonda Uma, who lost by a margin of 25 votes in Central, is battling regarding the problems in the constituency.
The leaders are wandering around the divisions in the name of 'Praja chaitanya yatra' daily. MP Kesineni Nani is also doing well. Former MLA Jalil Khan does not appear in the constituency of the West. It learned that Jalil dropped out of the race and put his daughter Shabana in the race as he was getting older. However, she lost the seat in previous elections and went abroad.
Hence, there are no favorable conditions in the west for TDP. TDP in the West is not favorable. Neither Budda Venkannah nor Nagul Meera of the West was in the position to care for people. So if the supremacy focused on the constituency, TDP will be able to win Vijayawada city in the upcoming corporation election. Since East and Central are on the line, setting West is also a plus for TDP.