Andhra Pradesh Constituency Razole to undergo by poll like Huzur Nagar?

As per reports, there is confident arguments that Razole will have a by-election like Huzur Nagar.
Written By Siddhu Manchikanti | Updated: October 22, 2019 16:37 IST
Andhra Pradesh Constituency Razole to undergo by poll like Huzur Nagar?

The news from the grapevine bringing so many confident arguments about the possible by-election that may happen in Andhra Pradesh just like the one that occurred in Huzurnagar Yesterday. To everyone’s surprise, the constituency that is in question is none other than Razole. Remember the name?

Well, Janasena has gone victorious in one and only assembly constituency and it is Rapaka Varaprasad from Razole who made it happen. Now the rumours are circulating that he is likely to resign the MLA post in Janasena. We all know that Jagan has put one condition after his landslide victory that any MLA who wants to join YSRCP should resign to his post.
There are obvious reasons for Rapaka to bid goodbye to Janasena. Earlier, we can see the video where Nadendla Manohar humiliated Rapaka for his late arrival for a meeting and all this happened in the presence of Pawan Kalyan. Recently, Rapaka has seen doing ‘Palabhishekam’ for Jagan. For a very long time, it is being said that Rapaka didn’t get the importance he deserves at the party.
Now, the Janasena’s political circles and the pundits say that the resignation of the Rapaka will be anytime soon. If this happens, the picture of the Janasena will definitely be visible in disarray.